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Ssangdari's stir-fried long arm octupus

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Ssangdari's stir-fried long arm octupus


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Another Ssangdari's favorite dish called 'Ssangdari long arm octupus' brings you the maximum pleasure for unique experience for spicy Korean traditional cuisine. Long arm octupus is seasoned with Korean traditional red pepper paste (gochujang) to begin adventure the world of real Korea. Its seasoning is specially formulated with many kinds of vegetables such as onion, garlic, cabbage, etc at specific ratio. Begin your journey to another slow food in Korea.

This menu is served with Korean lettuce to warp up with steamed rice, Korean chilly pepper, pickled white radish, chives, spiced garlic, soybean paste, and other side dishes; cabbage corn salad, Kimchi, Clam soup. 

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